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Miss Toto: Miami’s Gender-Bending Bodybuilder

Elizabeth Bocanegra illuminates the personal and intimate side of drag.

This photo series was submitted by Elizabeth Bocanegra, one of Spicy‘s Guest Contributors.

Miss Toto is a “gender-bending, bodybuilding” drag queen from Miami who frequently performs in the Wynwood Art District. Shot in her private apartment, these photos show the process of Miss Toto getting ready for a show downtown.

I shot these photos because I wanted to show the personal and intimate side of drag, as well as the dialectic that is Miss Toto — she is both a self-described “party queen” at night (and brunch) and a personal trainer/fitness guru during daylight hours.

The voyeuristic nature of the photos combined with the stages of Miss Toto getting ready reflected my own personal relationship to the drag scene at the time, and I hope to have captured the beauty that is gender fluidity which Miss Toto embodies.

untitled-0065 - Elizabeth Bocanegrauntitled-0673 - Elizabeth Bocanegra