Art Culture


Sasha Escareño Rosic explores the intersection of fashion, gender, and sexuality.

This piece is written and submitted by Sasha Escareño Rosic, one of Spicy‘s Guest Contributors. Sasha is a queer trans femme Latinx fashion designer and stylist based in Phoenix, Arizona. They graduated with a degree in Political Science and Spanish but recently shifted their focus back to art and their dreams. Sasha believes in fashion and love.

Whenever I design, model, or style, I try to envision femininity outside of the ongoing colonial project. I tend to go into a direction of hyper-feminine pieces, but also pieces rooted in my culture. Some of the clothing is from my mother, some from my sister, and some that I’ve made. I often struggle, internally and externally, with the idea of presenting more feminine publicly. Part of that struggle is my own self-consciousness, but most of it is primarily from rising rates of hate-crimes and murders against LGBT peoples — especially QTPoC. As a non-binary person, I think designing and styling gives me the ability to construct my own reality outside of the framework of Western ideals of gender and sexuality.

Me standing in a red-lit hallway, wearing a belt as a choker, hair slicked and pinned back, white button up, and mariachi pants that my mom has performed in and let me borrow.

DSC_1082This is the same outfit, but I wanted to focus on the white heels that my friend (and photographer Tony Valle) put stickers that read in red letters, “handle with care” and “fragile.” This photoshoot was special to me because often times I feel like I am trying to overcompensate underneath the patriarchy by being hyper-feminine, but in this moment, I felt like I truly embodied a spectrum.

DSC_1148Dark purple and white paisley pant with a see-through black and red rose top tucked in. Standing in the moonlight up against two large green plants.

DSCN0279Posing in my stepsister’s red dress with a white rope cinching my waist, and a
denim choker that I made from the waistband of an old pair of pants. Holding a
green luggage.

DSCN0311Sitting on a dark marble staircase holding a bouquet of white, yellow, and green
flowers in a sparkling semi see-through dress that I designed and sewed. Hair
halfway pulled back, wearing black Fenty creepers by Rihanna.