Shades of Spring

Charley Beatrice Baker is a queer, mixed-race Jewish artist who finds strength through their journey and immutable identities. Charley is a rising high school senior who loves psychedelic music, theatre, and existential philosophy. Though writing music is their most common outlet, they’ve recently enjoyed writing poetry and plays, as well as making zines. This poem, “Shades of Spring,” is a reflection of their thoughts as the cold New England winter melts into a spring filled with rebirth. You can follow Charley on Instagram at @virgogoboot

violet, violent
the sound of heat
faces aging
to taste defeat

a woman dancing,
of spring she speaks,
her words, a knife
her breath, a beat
in time, in space
a drum too big to see

rosie posie
a flash of light
birds are flocking
to wrong and right
she bends and twists
her limbs at flight

hark! the woman sweetly sings
notice all the shades of spring
grace the sky
touch the ground
summer soon, will come around

daylight savings
can’t change the time
a clock is ticking in her mind

she misses how it once was
buds on bushes
peaches with fuzz

my, my how it passes
the spring seems so short
when the crime of time is tried
in kangaroo court

pitter patter
she has moved away
from here to there
spring cannot stay

Illustration by Ally Zhao.