I wanna be that bitch again.

I wanna be able to love myself enough to show it through my skin. I wanna wear mini skirts big enough for my hips to show my fat thighs, I wanna show em I’m sexy while still knowing I am more. I wanna smile at the bad looks, my confidence thriving through their brewing lust. I wanna dance with my wide hips to the songs of envy that try to degrade me.

I wanna be her again.

Showing my lil chubby belly as it happily jiggles while I stomp down the street. I wanna let them know I am sexy. I am free because I am me. That I am much more but enough for myself. That I am that bitch, evoking it through my sexiness:

The jiggles of my jelly that provoke gasps,
The sensuality that hugs my silhouette as I sway my hips
The satisfaction that evokes as I smize through those darting eyes
The bareness of clothes just enough to see the imperfections of my skin…

I wanna be her again. I wanna be me.

This piece was written by Katherine Vargas, a 19-year-old Dominican-American activist creative who fights inequalities one story at a time and longs for a better future through her words of wisdom. Katherine writes poetry to tell the stories of the unheard of in ways that the rest of the world can relate to. She not only uses her passion for writing to fight for justice, but as a serendipity to her own heart and soul.

Illustration by SPICY collective member, Nikita “Snikka” Freyermuth.